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Welcome to annakatembroidery! I want to tell you a little bit about myself!
I am a Mississippi mother of five almost grown children. My husband is a
Mississippi educator of a whopping 39 years! We have one child  who just
married, one who is just starting her career, two in college, and one
about to graduate high school.
Born in Mobile, Alabama, I was raised from the time I was eleven
years-old in Mississippi after my father died and my mother moved the
five of us children to her home where she built a house on her father's
land. That means my grandmother who SEWED lived right down the road from
us!  Grandmother and my hard working mother both taught me how to sew,
but it was my grandmother who took me under her wings at her home and
patiently taught me the ins and outs of sewing.  I still remember the
day she showed me her trick for inserting a zipper easily!  Grandmother
lived to the ripe old age of 102 years and I miss her dearly. I miss
those cotton dresses she made for herself, the smell of her house that
always had tea cakes and biscuits on the kitchen counter, sassafras tea,
her home made bonnet hanging in her bedroom that had the warmest
fireplace in the world!  I know I will see her in Heaven one day.  I
have often said to my now 85 year-old mother as we've watched our
embroidery machines whiz away, "If Grandmother could just see this she
wouldn't believe her eyes!"
Another major influence was my great aunt who lived next door to us,
Grandmother's sister, who was an avid quilter who also lived to be 102.
(It must have been all that needle work and clean living!!!) Although
she never used a sewing machine- Grandmother usually did any needed
machine work for her- she pieced together some gorgeous quilt tops in
her day and did some fine hand quilting.  Crocheting was her thing,
though, a craft I have yet to master but is on my list!
I always enjoyed making clothes for my chidren and for myself.  It
wasn't just a necessity; it was my pleasure and my release! I have
always enjoyed showing off my creations to my mother who sewed for me
and my sister and who still sews/paints/crochets today.  Visting my
mother has always been the most fun because she is always doing
something creative and it's always great to talk with her about
embroidery.   I made many manually  appliqued outfits for all my four
boys and many for my petite daughter when she was little. I did some
French Hand Sewing and smocking for her and made doll clothes for her
dolls.  It was never really Christmas unless I could make something for
someone and I feel the same way now!  What I wouldn't have given for an
embroidery machine back  when my children were little!  When my mother
left her Pfaff 2140 at my house for several days for me to play with I
knew I had to have an embroidery machine.  I bought a Bernina Artista
200e soon afterward and have enjoyed it ever since.  I have been
digitizing for over a year now and can't decide what I like to do the
most - digitizing or sewing. .
If you decide to purchase any of my design sets I will do my best to
make sure you have satisfying  results and I hope you can experience
some of the same joy stitching my designs  as I did creating them.